World's First Professional Autonomous Motorsports Team

We bring track tested AI & Robotics expertise to industry.

At Code19 Racing we know that AI and autonomous development is this generation’s space race. So we're on a mission to revolutionize how industries approach autonomy. The racetrack keeps us at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From our inception, we've been obsessed with delivering advantage through cutting-edge technology that propels our partners ahead of the curve.

Innovation Beyond the Track

Controls Systems

Our secret sauce? A team of brilliant minds with a passion for all things automotive and robotics. We've got the expertise to navigate the complexities of the modern world, including track tested, high-integrity, control systems.

Unmanned Platforms

We're setting the pace with our expertise transitions across unmanned autonomous platforms. With our expertise in robotics and specialized platforms, we’re ready to take on the next space race, autonomy

Prediction and Advanced AI

Head-to-head racing requires AI prediction models that allow micro-second decision-making and self-awareness. Maveric AI is engineered to integrate the latest advancements in sensor and high performance computing technologies.

Human in-the-loop Testing

By seamlessly integrating human expertise with advanced simulation technology, we're able to push the boundaries of what's possible in the automotive industry. Our approach leverages the power of real-time feedback from human operators to fine-tune and optimize our autonomous systems.

Perception and Path Planning

Whether it's tele-operation or by-wire systems, we've got the skills to make it happen. And we don't stop there – our advanced capabilities in perception, SLAM, and path planning ensure that our solutions are not just cutting-edge, but ahead of the curve.

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Founded by military veterans and fueled by a passion for innovation and technology, Code19 Racing represents the United States on the global stage, competing in global autonomous motorsport competition. With a commitment to advancing autonomous technology, the team is dedicated to demonstrating the capabilities of AI drivers under extreme racing conditions. Their participation in A2RL, provides an unparalleled innovation platform and showcases their commitment to pushing the limits of speed, safety, and technological advancement.

Our Approach

With our visionary mission, Code19 Racing stands as a premier partner for research, innovation, and development in the autonomous mobility sector, aligning with the most forward-thinking entities across the globe. Our Maveric AI modular autonomous software stack provides an adaptable solution across multi domains.


Collaborating with established giants to groundbreaking startups, we are on a quest to redefine the landscape of autonomous systems through race tested engineering and the development of cutting-edge autonomous technologies.

Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League

Competeing in the largest autonomous racing series in the world.

Indiana University's Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering

Driver development partnership, launching IU into the world of autonomous racing.

Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan

Inspiring and educate the next generation of engineers and technologists.



Modular Autonomous Software Stack

Maveric AI is the innovative core of Code19 Advanced Technologies, representing a cutting-edge modular autonomous software stack tested for high-speed autonomy and off-road environments. Maveric AI's design incorporates a highly adaptable architecture, making it possible to deploy across a range of duel use autonomous platforms.


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